O intercâmbio "Nós Jogamos" é um projecto, no âmbito do Programa Juventude em Acção que irá ter lugar no Seixal. [The exchange "Nós Jogamos - We Play" is a project, in the framework of Youth in Action Program that will take place in Seixal, Portugal.]

26 de fevereiro de 2010

The Spanish partner

Here is a presentation of our organization in our two official languages, Spanish and Catalan:

La Víbria Multicultural está compuesta por jóvenes de Terrassa (Barcelona) y voluntarios del SVE. Trabajamos con el programa Juventud en Acción, organizamos y participamos en intercambios y seminarios. También somos una organización de acogida y de envío del SVE.

Además de las actividades internacionales también trabajamos a nivel local, organizamos talleres de interculturalidad para las escuelas, preparamos ciclos de cine, excursiones, charlas, clases de idiomas y otras actividades de ocio para los jóvenes y toda la comunidad local.

La Víbria Multicultural està formada per joves de Terrassa (Barcelona) i voluntaris del SVE. Treballem amb el programa Juventut en Acció, organitzem i participem en intercanvis i seminaris. També som una organització d'acollida i d'enviament del SVE.

A més de les activitats internacionals també treballem a nivell local, organitzem tallers d'interculturalitat per a escoles, preparem cicles de cinema, excursions, xerrades, classes d'idiomes i altres activitats d'oci per als joves i tota la comunitat local.

25 de fevereiro de 2010

Hi everybody!

Hi everybody!

My name is Antonio, I'm 26 and I come from Naples even though I'm finishing my studies in Milan. I study Languages for International Cooperation and Communication but my first passion is writing and journalism. Actually I write in a free-press newspaper that focuses mainly on football, but I also have interests in foreign policy and in issues related to cooperation.
I'm really looking forward for the event that will take place in Lisbon and I'm sure it will be a great experience, above all due to the cooperation between youngsters coming from different places in Europe, but linked from Romance languages. Thus, I think our first goal is to communicate each other in a language that won't be english... so let's try it!!!

That was only a brief presentation, when we will meet I will switch language, I swear!!! ;)

take care


24 de fevereiro de 2010

Hi! I'm Sara...

I'm Sara, I'm 25 and I'm one of the italian participants at "Nós jogamos". Nice to meet you!
I study foreign languages (spanish and portuguese) and I've studied english for five years at high school, so please forgive me if I make mistakes.
I work as an italian teacher for foreign children whose parents are immigrants and live in Italy. I love this job because it gives me the chance to stay connected to people, which I think should be the must important aim in a job, at least for me!
I'm really curious about everyone's whereabouts, so I just can't wait to meet everyone in Portugal.
I hope we'll manage to speak some Romance language, rather than english: it's not that I don't like it, but it's not my first love, let's say.
Ok, I think this is quite enough for now.

See you in Portugal, take care


20 de fevereiro de 2010

The Italian partner

Link is a cultural organization created in 2003 by both experienced youth leaders and young people. Link was created with the aim of having a tool to better access the needs of young people living in our local community and to give a concrete contribution to satisfy their requests in terms of participation, active citizenship, feeling of belonging to a common Europe, tolerance and anti-racism.

We provide help and training to young people –inside and outside the organization- who wants implement new projects fostering their participation organizing international youth exchanges, intercultural learning activities, promoting information campaigns. All our activities are based non formal education.

Visit our website

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19 de fevereiro de 2010

Gruppo Italiano [Italian Group]

Ciao a tutti!

Siamo felici di presentare il gruppo italiano dello scambio  "Nós Jogamos". Il gruppo è composto da 1 leader (Mino) e 4 partecipanti:
  • Antonio, di Napoli, 27 anni
  • Davide, di Reggio Emilia, 26 anni
  • Ivana, di Bologna, 26 anni
  • Sara, di Bulciago (Milano), 25 anni.
Presto maggiori informazioni su questo blog!!!

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Parceiros [Partners]: Semanário Comércio do Seixal e Sesimbra

O semanário "Comércio do Seixal e Sesimbra" associou-se ao projecto "Nós Jogamos" na divulgação deste intercâmbio juvenil. Com distribuição regional editado e publicado no concelho do Seixal e Sesimbra, tem uma tiragem de 20000 exemplares. ["Comércio do Seixal e Sesimbra" has associated to the project "Nós Jogamos" in the promotion of this youth exchange. With a regional distribution and published in the municipalities of Seixal and Sesimbra, prints 2000 newspapers each week.]

Para mais informações sobre este meio de comunicação social local, podem consultar os seguintes sítios [For more information about this local mass medium, you can check out the following websites]:

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18 de fevereiro de 2010

Parceiros [Partners]: Revista "O Praticante"

O primeiro parceiro média do projecto "Nós Jogamos" é a revista "O Praticante", uma publicação dedicada à promoção de actividades desportivas, sedeada no concelho do Seixal [The first media partner of the project "Nós Jogamos" is the magazine "O Praticante", a publication dedicated to the promotion of the sports activities of Seixal].

Em baixo, podem encontrar informação sobre a revista "O Praticante" nos seguintes sítios na Internet [Below you can find information about the magazine "O Praticante" in the following websites]:

Blogue [Blog]: http://opraticante.bloguedesporto.com
Revista [Magazine]: http://www.yudu.com/library/13353/davidsilva-s-Library
HI5: http://opraticante.hi5.com

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11 de fevereiro de 2010

Inscrição Online para [Online Form for] Nós Jogamos


Para todos os interessados, a organização criou um formulário online onde poderão inscrever-se para a participação no intercâmbio "Nós Jogamos" - dessa forma, poderão clicar em http://bit.ly/nosjogamos-chamada e preencher o formulário. Força ;)


For all interested, the organization has created an online form where you can fill for your participation on the youth exchange "Nós Jogamos" - therefore, you can click on http://bit.ly/nosjogamos-chamada and fill it. Go ahead ;)

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